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Joyce Gold History Tours of New York provides in-depth and exciting tours with a choice of over 40 tours for private and group tours. In Tour Descriptions, you can review the list with short descriptions attached, and then click through to read a more detailed write-up of the tour.

Your private tour is really yours, because your questions and comments can shape the emphasis, the stories and even the themes that the tour explores.

    Private tours can further be customized by:
  • combining two or more tours listed under Tour Descriptions;
  • focusing on a theme, such as Ethnic New York, Skyscrapers of Manhattan, or Manhattan Overview;
  • selecting neighborhoods of personal interest or significance

  • These customized tours generally require transportation arrangements due to their scope. Arrangements for a private bus or limousine
    can be made through Joyce or on your own. Depending on the size of your group, taxis or public transportation may work well.

Joyce Gold guiding a private by Terese Loeb Kreuzer

Minimum length for private tours is 1 ½ hours for a walking tour, and 2 hours minimum for a tour with transportation. Cost depends on the size of the group and other factors that may require additional charges, such as tickets or transportation arrangements.

If you are looking to offer your group a broad view of the city, check our Bus and Vehicle Tours page for some ideas.

Contact Joyce for more information about planning your private tour.

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